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Vancity Junk Pick Up & Furniture Recycling

Operating as: Vancity Junk Removal & Furniture Recycling, Address: 3701 Hastings Street, Burnaby, V5C 2H6, Phone 604-442-6932

In business since Jan, 1st, 2017,  we are becoming Surrey's Favorite Junk Removal & Furniture Recycling Services, due to our competitive rates & "Customers First" approach.

Customers Overall Satisfaction

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Reviews & Testimonils

Reviews about Vancity Junk Pick Up & Furniture Recycling

April 2018: No Recent Reviews, Testimonials or Feedback Were Found for Vancity Junk Pick Up & Furniture Recycling. If you are the owner of this business, claim it, by contacting us via email ( ) or phone us 604-442-6932. Our head office is in Vancouver, BC, Canada.